Incidental Cougar Series by Author Summer Leigh

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Incidental Cougar Book 1

Gavin was in love, Sadie was in denial. He was too young, too jealous, too possessive… but she was in too deep.

“You’re not a cougar Sadie. Cougars hunt, you were hunted.” Gavin, a hot New Yorker who used the f*word as a noun, adjective, and verb. He transferred to San Diego to escape a painful past that New York never failed to remind him of.

Sadie had moved to San Diego to be close to her college freshman son Grant. She was content with being single and focusing on her career as a nurse. Until she met Gavin.

He was too young, too possessive, too jealous, and there was no way she could risk her son finding out.

She knew better than to give into him, but she’d been single for years and her body had been too deprived. It would just be a fling and that would be that.

Only Gavin had no intention of letting her go. She was more than a one night stand. In fact, he’d never felt this way about anyone before and he wasn’t about to give her up.

Incidental Cougar Book 2

Sadie and Gavin take their relationship to the next level with Sadie meeting Gavin’s family in New York.

Only New York brings out the worst in Gavin as he’s forced to face his insecurities and the memory of his parent’s death.

As usual, things take quite a turn and Gavin is forced to grow up and move past his old ways or risk losing Sadie for good.

They return back to San Diego stronger than they left but the upcoming hospital’s spring gala and the doctor that’s been making himself known to Sadie might change all that.Then Sadie is finally forced to confront their age difference head on when she attends Gavin’s college graduation and their secret becomes public.

Incidental Cougar Book 3

Book 3 of the Incidental Cougar series finds Sadie with a new neighbor, a handsome doctor from her work and she finds herself quite tempted while Gavin’s away.

Once Gavin returns, Sadie realizes there’s only room for one love in her life, Gavin and he’s not waiting a minute longer to ask her the most important question of his life.

But what should be an exciting time is marred by an unexpected guest who threatens more than just Sadie and Gavin’s special day.

Luckily Sadie has Gavin’s arms to protect her and help her say goodbye to her past and hello to her future, as Mrs. Gavin Romano.

Incidental Cougar Book 4

Newlyweds Sadie and Gavin take off for Italy, enjoying love and lust on their honeymoon and oblivious to the life changes coming their way.

Sadie tries to hide her secret but it’s unraveled and both Sadie and Gavin must face this new path together.

Life gets hectic as Gavin goes into overdrive to prepare and protect his new family while Sadie battles new challenges at work.

It’s no longer just Sadie and Gavin, it’s the Romano Family.

Incidental Cougar Book 5: Moments in Time.

Need more Sadie and Gavin? Follow the Romano’s through the first five years of parenthood.

You’ll also get to catch up with the Romano siblings and all things from the Romanoverse.

This book contains both chapters and story sets for various moments from the everyday to main events.

Incidental Cougar Series is written by Author Summer Leigh, you can visit her website here, Author Summer Leigh